Bespoke Metalwork

As a commissioning workshop we produce functional and sculptural metal pieces. We can cast in bronze or fabricate in brass, steels, aluminium and glass. We have created custom hinges, door handles, rails and hooks for tapestries, mat wells and bespoke fixtures and fittings. We can offer our metal working skills, in brass, copper, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel, mild, and weathering steel. We can provide different finishing options from polishing, brushing, patination, waxing, oiling, lacquering and powder coating.

Case Studies

The National Gallery of Ireland

The Begging Bowl Donation Box. When the new wing of NGI was opened in Clare St. it was important ensure a stream of income for the Gallery, so we were asked to produce a design to encourage donations. The begging bowl was a series of copper dishes on brass rods which could be twirled by visitors to encourage coins to bounce from bowl to bowl. This set up was encased in silicon acrylic with a security collection box at the bottom. It proved to be very popular with visitors.

The National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny

In 2020 the curator of NCGI in response to Covid-19, ordered a set of glazed aluminium display cases for artworks to be set on the lawn of the castle yard. These cases are pegged and spiked into the ground for stability and are sealed against rain. The art work shown in our photo is by artist Rachel Doolin.

Russborough House

In 2018, we were asked to produce a rail, bracket, chain and hook system to hang the famous Beit Collection of paintings including Vermeer and Rembrandt in Wicklow's’ historic stately home. These fixtures in brass allowed for the hanging of artworks, taking into consideration, flexibility and not having to fix through the velvet lined walls.
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Our Stories

Late Late Show St. Patrick’s Day Award
The inaugural Late Late Show St. Patrick's Day Award. I was delighted to be asked (at short notice) to produce the Late Late Show St. Patrick's Day Award. Our 'Infinity Spiral' which was presented by Ryan Tubridy to Dr. Sammar Ali. Dr. Ali is the daughter of Dr. Syed Waqqar...
Irish Times Innovation Awards 2020 – New Design
Great to see the #IrishTimes Innovation Awards winners getting these awards yesterday (27th January 2021). These are the new design commissioned for the 2020 awards, 7 of which were delivered around the country. The overall went to Galway based founder Suzanne Moloney of...
Tubular Mesh Architectural Lights
Back in March this year, we had the opportunity to design and create some tubular mesh architectural lights for LUCA Architecture for their project in 75. St. Stephen's Green. We used mesh from Downer International and acrylics from Pyrasied Xtreme Acrylic. They were installed...
Island Clean Up – Skerries
In 2016, SHDW sponsored the purchase of a sea kayak to assist in the campaign to clear plastic from the Skerries Islands. This started with a solo journey, filling just one fishing basket full of bottles and debris. Along with kayaker friends and Currach na Sceirí, we have...
Ruray & Ruray Mór
Our Ruray LED desk lamp, was designed and made in 2012. Its’ distinctive wave style is based on the legendary Tonn Ruraigh wave that breaks off the coast of Co. Down, Ireland. A legend suggests that this large roaring wave could be heard but never seen. In Ruray we have...
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