Shane Holland is a maker of public, corporate and gallery sculptural works. Shane’s sculptures can be seen in airports, churches, hotels, private residences and public spaces across Ireland. He works on sculptural elements using his skill to create unique expressions in three-dimensions. Holland works with a range of diverse materials with a formative background in metalwork. His workshop facilities in Co. Meath can handle large fabrications. The Mastercraft skills honed over 30 years, ensure lasting quality to all of his projects. Clients can be confident of project delivery on time and on budget. His valuable lighting expertise can add significant drama to each sculptural commission.

Skerries - Tidy Towns

This stainless steel and limestone sculpture was produced to celebrate their National Tidy Towns competition win in Skerries in 2016. This sculpture accommodates a seating position and is located just 10 metres from the rocks on Red Island, giving excellent views to the Mournes in the North and Skerries islands to the east. Fingal Co. Council who co-funded the project provided the power to the location and all other works were executed by SHDW. Its design is based on the Tidy Towns Trophy, designed by Shane Holland in 2006 with detailing to signify; architecture, plant life, heritage and water in laser etched surface detail. The limestone is sculpted by local stonemasons and is imbedded with LED ground lighting and central lighting in the metal core too. We used 4 inch square limestone cobbles around the perimeter This sculpture has gone to inspire lots of local photographer’s in the area. (Photo credit, Daniel Gleeson)

27 Elements

This 27-hole sculptural artwork sets different material elements in resin into porthole window compartments in stainless steel. The elements of brass, aluminium, steel, copper and various fragment create a sense of order in chaos.

Porpoise Hibernicus

In 2016 I started an island cleanup in the 3 islands near my home in Skerries. I have used a found Porpoise vertebrae to create ‘Porpoise Hibernicus”, a sculptural lighting piece.

Artist Statement

After graduating from NCAD/UL in 1989 as an industrial designer I was hired as a part time technician in NCAD in the wood, metal, and plastics workshops of the industrial design department (1989-1996). In 1991, I established my studio in Dublin 1 working on models, prototypes for films, industry, awards, lighting, and furniture projects.

In the intervening years I have worked on hundreds of professional projects for clients in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, the UAE, Russia, and the USA. I have also exhibited widely abroad and in Ireland,

In my studio career of 30 years I have been fortunate to collaborate with scores of architects, artists, corporate clients, domestic clients on bars, churches, hotels, hairdressing salons, healthcare facilities, public buildings, sculptures and film productions.

I have great interest in our environment. I have an affinity with cleaning the islands and beaches near to where I live. After years of kayaking, I have started to design and build currachs, as a community project in Skerries. Through collecting, cleaning, and foraging I have produced a lot of artworks relating to the sea. From my workshop in Duleek I work closely with recycling facilities to produce sculptural works from existing parts which includes aviation and industrial sources

I care deeply for the importance of tradition and heritage whilst always embracing the use of technology to aid in the creation of works.

I have a strong interest in history, it is often an inspiration in my artworks. It is interesting to look at myths and legends but also to try to find accuracy and clarity from history and interpretation of history.

My ethos is to try to create items of beauty and elegance which are built to last and I also strive to incorporate extra drama through lighting when the opportunity arises. I use a diverse palette of materials in my projects, always strive to find the correct choice for the job.

This page shows a select few of our recent sculptural projects which highlight our capacity to deliver projects on budgets and on time using both our own workshop facilities in Duleek and our extensive industry contacts to produce work of the highest standard.

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