Shane Holland is an experienced lighting designer and maker in Ireland, with over 30 years in business. Shane Holland Design Workshops produce their own range of multi-award-winning* lights as well as bespoke commissions for individual clients. These truly unique designs are produced exclusively in our own workshops in Co. Meath. Shane always tries to create drama, elegance, and functionality in his pieces, playfully integrating recycled elements and mixed materials into his sculptural lights.

As a company, we are always interested in design and making challenges, and collaborate with clients, architects, artists, and businesses to meet their individual demands.

*Architects Choice Awards, 2021: Best Lighting Product – Ruray Mór.

* Architects Choice Awards 2019: Commended Best Lighting Product – Oxide Downlighter.

*Architects Choice Award 2018: Commended – Tube Light.

*Architects Choice Award 2017: Winner for Best Lighting Product – Cruise Light.

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‘Babel’ Bronze Wall Light

576.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Bell Jar’ Large Industrial Pendant Light

173.00199.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Chev’ Origami Inspired Ceiling Light

576.001,129.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Claris’ Acrylic Shade Ceiling Pendant

261.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Cruise’ Modern Upcycled Aviation Pendant

164.00279.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Cúigear’ Copper Wire Frame Pendant

341.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Cymbal’ Minimalist Copper Chandelier

264.00881.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Element’ Crimped Copper Pendant Light

385.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Etang’ Small Aluminium Table Lamp

120.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Fly’ Light Reflector Wall Light

128.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Ghost of Ash’ Circular Sculptural Pendant

1,594.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Globe’ Tripod Aluminium Table Lamp

173.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Hoopla’ Sculptural Aluminium Pendant Light

743.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Iarc’ Hand Crafted Crystal Pendant Light

1,107.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Iarc’ Hand Crafted Crystal Table Lamp

1,284.00 exc. VAT @ 23%

‘Mitre’ Raw Steel Downlighter Pendant

217.00 exc. VAT @ 23%
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