Ruray & Ruray Mór

  • December 17, 2020
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Ruray & Ruray Mór

Our Ruray LED desk lamp, was designed and made in 2012. Its’ distinctive wave style is based on the legendary Tonn Ruraigh wave that breaks off the coast of Co. Down, Ireland. A legend suggests that this large roaring wave could be heard but never seen. In Ruray we have reimagined what this mythical wave might look like as a contemporary light. It can be set horizontally on a desk or propped up on its end to give more general room light. Ruray is a hand formed light and highly collectible as each light is signed and numbered by the designer. Ruray is the small sibling of our floor light, Ruray Mór, one of our best-selling standard lamps.

Rurays efficiency, functionality and sleek sculptural shape have contributed to its awards success with power supplies available in UK, US and Euro formats. Perfect as a gift, and packaged to be shipped over-seas, this light will be at home on any desk.


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